The Story

The Conception of a Book

Laurie and Kara met shortly after Kara moved to the Twin Cities from Texas in the summer of 2003. They were both triathletes and writers who had read each other’s bylines on several occasions. At the time, Laurie’s daughter was a little over one, and Kara’s twins were newborns. They were triathletes, writers and, now, moms. A couple of summers later, after the birth of Kara’s third daughter and Laurie’s second daughter, they got together for lunch to hammer out a presentation for the Twin Cities Marathon Expo about managing fitness through pregnancy (They made a good team since Kara’s fitness program slowed to leg lifts in the pool while Laurie was the sort to go for a run after her water broke—true story).

As they chewed on their sandwiches and the outline for their talk, Laurie looked up and said, somewhat sarcastically, “Who cares whether or not you exercise during your pregnancy? The real challenge is finding a way to work out after the kids are born.”

Talk about an “Aha!” moment. She nailed it, and yet, at the time, there was nothing out there that spoke to women about balancing fitness and motherhood. Plenty was said about fitness during pregnancy and ad nauseam about getting your body back after baby. When they parted ways after having lunch that day they had the beginning of an outline for a presentation as well as for a book.

Because they were living the life of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas, they had their own experiences, victories and challenges to draw from for the book. With six kids between them, they are experts at balancing motherhood and fitness.

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