Is Your Mind and Body on Speaking Terms?

Since we’re all super busy, you don’t need to read this post UNLESS you:

  1. Have ever said or thought, “I’m so busy I can’t think.”
  2. Believe that breathing is a sole function of the sympathetic nervous system and therefore never needs to be done intentionally (because, who needs one more thing to do, right?)
  3. Make decisions by committee, or agonize for days/weeks/months over making decisions.

Now, who do we have left here? Everyone? That’s what I thought. OK, read on. Actually LISTEN on.

I’m doing something fun this week with Kate Hanley, the Ambassador of Chill over at Ms. Mindbody, the creator of the Daily Unwind and author of the Anywhere Anytime Chill Guide. Just knowing Kate online adds zen to my life.

There’s an entire section in Hot (Sweaty) Mamas about “Rejuvenating the Multitasking Mama.” It’s important. For all kinds of reasons. Kate makes some excellent points about why–EXACTLY–beyond the oft overused oxygen mask analogy, namely that when we take time to tune in to ourselves we get VIP access to our intuition. I KNOW! I forgot there was intuition in there somewhere!

On Thursday, June 14, you can listen in on our 30-minute conversation about No Drama Decisions. You’ll need to register, but it’s free. Join us and you’ll also get access to a special deal on her Daily Unwind program. The call times are:

11am EST / 10 am CST / 9 am MST / 8 am PST


8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 6 pm MST / 5 pm PST
I know you’re working on finding time to reclaim your body. Are you finding time to reclaim your mind? Listen in on the call, so you can get your mind and body back on speaking terms!     –Kara

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