Beauty Short Cuts for Hot (Sweaty) Mamas

Do we ever outgrow playing dress up?

When it comes to putting myself together each day I usually find myself choosing between hair or make-up. Rarely is it hair and make-up.

Fit moms are always slicing and dicing their day to squeeze in a workout, so it goes to reason we’d skip on the beautification process. Still, I want to look like I tried. Over the 8+ years of being a fit mom, I’ve accumulated my top ten beauty shorts cuts:

Daily showers are non-optional, so make them quick. Sure, like most postpartum moms–crusty with a mix of bodily fluids that were mine and the babies–the days blurred together and I lost track of my mornings and nights and personal hygiene, too. But once the fog lifted I realized that not only did having human beings change me profoundly, they profoundly changed my body odor. The miasma of motherhood.

Only wash hair if you have to. Typically my rule is to wash my hair either after a good sweaty workout or after two days, whichever comes first. The fun in this is to try to coincide the sweaty workout on the second day. Still, there are times when the washing and drying and styling eludes you. And that’s when you…

Hide dirty hair with a hat. Hats are all the rage. Most definitely capitalize on style trends and hide your sweaty hair under a stylish hat. Fashion with purpose!

Grow a high-tolerance for body hair. Here’s where I luck out. The hair on my legs is light and fine, grows in relatively soft–and bonus! The longer it gets the softer it is! Even the underarm hair is understated. So, yeah, I take advantage of this physiological windfall and shave twice a week, picking up a third day in the summer. Still there are times when I should but don’t and that’s when you have to camouflage. Hirsute moms, can use this option when they need to to take a break from the razor, too. Cover the legs, skip the tank, and use the extra insulation to sweat a little bit more in your workout.

Keep nails short and unpolished. I file when necessary and every now and again buff them for shine. For me, having long painted nails is a major time suck. My toes are a different story. I really like pedicures. That’s my summer-time treat.

Don’t fall prey to the anti-aging industry. This one is a “do as I say, not as I do” tip. Now that I’m in my 40s I’ll admit I’ve succumbed. A few years ago I used a single jar of face cream from the drug store. That was all. Now, I own two different kinds of cleansers (one exfoliates!), a moisturizer for day and one for night, and–here’s where they can really suck you in–an eye cream. Once you start I don’t know if you can ever go back, so hold off as long as possible!

Prioritize make-up application. You and only you know what you need to feel good when you walk out the door. The lucky ones can get away with nothing at all. I go with a slathering of tinted moisturizer and mascara as my bare-bones basics. If time permits my cheeks get color and my nose gets a dusting of powder. On rare occasions I break out eye-liner. I think I wear eye shadow five times a year. I carry Burts Bees lip tint in every bag I own and keep some in the car.

Accessorize light. Bling. It’s important. I have a drawer full of goodies. However, on a day-to-day basis I stick with the basics so I’m always adorned: Wedding ring and the diamond studs my husband gave me 15 years ago. They never come off so I’m always accessorized. If an occasion calls for a different look, then I can switch out, if time allows. But if it doesn’t, I still have my sparkle.

Take time to eat nutritiously. A healthy meal takes effort, but eating healthy food is important for your inward and outward appearance. Taking the time to treat yourself to good nutrition is more effective than face creams or make up.

Redirect with self-confidence! There are days when I leave the house ready to be featured in a fashion magazine “Don’t!” Here’s when you let your inner-beauty shine. Especially if you’ve successfully finished a workout, let your sweaty glow ooze that inner-confidence and own it sister!

I’m sure you have your own fit mom beauty short-cuts to share. Let’s hear them!



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