Book Tour Stop with Jennifer Luitwieler

Last week we had to pull over on our way to visit  Jennifer Luitwieler, author of Run with Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo. But we’re happy to report that we’ve safely  arrived at our destination in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Jennifer lives with her husband, three boys, and her faithful, four-legged running pal. Check out her website, blog and book for lots of great insight from this award-winning author and speaker. She’ll keep you moving in both mind and body.

“Jen’s book… is insightful, interesting, and deeply funny. In fact, her writing reminds me a lot of Anne Lamott, and from me, such a comparison is high praise. There were moments as I was reading this book that I laughed out loud, and then just a paragraph later, I found myself leaning in to really get what she was saying.” From Andi Cumbo

Today Kara shares our insight on the difference between reasons excuses on Jennifer’s blog. Dig in!





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3 responses to “Book Tour Stop with Jennifer Luitwieler

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