Book Tour Stop at Cami Checketts Books

Today we’re off visiting author Cami Checketts at Cami Checketts Books. You may remember we rolled into Cami’s fitness site, Fitness for Mom, on Dec. 6. Well, as the author of three novels (The Sister Pact, The Fourth of July, and The Broken Path) Cami also maintains another blog dedicated to another passion: the written word. And we’re thrilled to visit her alter ego to see what she has to say about Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom (and see who wins the free copy of our book!).

Laurie caught Cami over the weekend to talk about her life as a mother, writer, and fitness advocate. Here’s a bit of that conversation:

LK: Does it feel like your roles as fitness trainer and writer are connected? Does being a mom add a new dimension to your work in those areas?

CC: Definitely. If you take care of yourself physically you’ll have more energy and drive to succeed in other areas of your life. I’ve also loved writing fitness articles for magazines, utilizing both my passions. Adding the cute boys to the picture makes it extremely busy so I don’t waste much time when I find a second to write, but it’s also made me want to succeed because they are so cute and proud of me and I like to hope someday they’ll follow the example and work hard at their own dreams.

LK: I read an interview in which you said you’d like readers who’ve read your book The Sister Pact to take away a message of self-love from the novel. That you can’t truly love others until you love yourself. How do you think that message carries over into self-care and fitness, particularly for moms?

CC: It’s hard as a mom to make time for yourself but when you feel good physically you’re going to be happier in other areas of your life. Our children deserve happy, loving moms and it’s hard to give them that if you’re feeling sluggish and gross. There’s also a balance, if we get too obsessed with ourselves we’ll be missing out on opportunities to enjoy and love our children.

LK: Along with many other moms, you and I share the experience of post-partum depression. You’ve said your writing helped you overcome depression. Was exercise another tool for you? Was it important for you to have both a physical and mental outlet?

CC: Definitely. Every day exercise helps me start off right. Love the endorphins my morning workout produces, I come home from the gym singing and kissing on everybody. 

LK: As a pro bono fitness trainer, you’re obviously passionate about wellness. What’s the most rewarding part of working with others in this way?

CC: Seeing their lives changes. Plus it’s really fun to have workout buddies.

LK: Any plans to connect your love for writing and fitness in a novel?

CC: I actually have written a novel with a protagonist who is running a marathon. I think it’s hilarious. Hopefully someday an editor will agree with me!


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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog. I loved Hot (Sweaty) Mamas. Hope the tour is amazing,

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