Book Tour Stop at Momma Said

Jen Singer might very well have the mother of all mom blogs: Momma Said has been around for 9+ years. If you, too, are a blogger, then read this touching post meant for those of us who write and share it for the world on a blog. It’s just like getting a hug from your mother. Jen is the author of five books, including the Stop Guessing Yourself Guides to Parenting (Baby’s First Year, The Toddler Years, and The Preschool Years); You’re a Good Mom (And Your Kids Arent’ So Bad Either); and 14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime: A Stay at Home Mom’s Life in 27 Funny Little Stories. And this is important to mark on your calendar: for 10 years Momma Said has sponsored “Take My Children to Work Day,” for full- and part-time stay-at-home mothers.

Jen’s books all help steer Mom out of that dreadful place of thinking she’s not good enough. In Hot (Sweaty) Mamas we devoted a small section of our book to Mother Guilt (because it’s there even when we’re trying to do something “good” for ourselves) but we’ve discovered when writing or speaking, this particular topic seems to resonate and be popular among the mamas. So if you need more reassurance, check out Jen’s books and site. She’s there for you!

Plus, Jen is a Hot (Sweaty) Mama herself. The ultimate Soccer Mom–the kind that is not content to sit on the sidelines. She coaches her sons’ teams AND plays herself.

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