Book Tour Stop at Sellabit Mum

Today we’re back in our home state of Minnesota with Tracy of Sellabit Mum. Tracy juggles a busy life caring for her husband, three daughters, and two cats. She’s a 40-something mom who left a high paying corporate job—just walked out one day, threw her badge on the floor and never looked back. She started blogging in 2008 after she realized her kids never laughed at her jokes and she needed a new audience. She says even though her kids oftentimes drive her crazy in the head, she still knows she is exactly where she is supposed to be. For now. Tracy blogs about family, motherhood, and womanhood. She talks fashion, home, and cooking a bit, too. Stop by and say hello!


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One response to “Book Tour Stop at Sellabit Mum

  1. Hi Hotsweatymamas,
    Neat Post, Virtual Book Tours are the newest marketing opportunity for authors. With traditionally book tours, authors travel from town to town doing book signings and doing interviews to publicize their books. Although the process is very effective, it also involves great expense, travel and time. Virtual book tours essentially do the same; however, instead of the authors physically traveling to bookstores, the interviews and book readings are conducted electronically through posting on blogs and IM conversations.

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