Book Tour Stop at Love & Diapers

Today we’re over here with the PREGNANT lady at Love & Diapers, a blog by Berit Thorkelson. I (Kara) got to know Berit somewhat intimately almost two years ago when we were both in New York City for a conference. The first thing I noticed about Berit were her killer shoes. Actually it was the only thing I noticed because that was all I could see of her as she pumped in the bathroom stall next to me. We chatted later and I learned that her son, her firstborn, was just a few months old. My son, my lastborn, was weaning (in fact that trip away from him officially ended that chapter). I couldn’t bear that she was pumping in the bathroom and gave her my hotel room key (after properly complimenting her on her killer shoes, of course). When I returned to my room later than night Berit had left me a thank you note on my bathroom mirror with her red lip stick. She was my kind of gal. Now don’t you just want to hang out with her, too? Along with being a writer, mother and wife, Berit adores martinis, thrift stores, and most of all, her now toddler—so much so that baby #2 is due in January. Check in with her every Tuesday for her weekly Tummywatch Tuesday posts to see Berit in bloom. Berit writes candidly about all of life’s moments–funny to heartbreaking and everything in between–from her home in the urban Midwest. Come with us to Love & Diapers today. We’ll be rubbing Berit’s tummy and ogling her shoes.


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