Book Tour Stop at Mizfit

We’re headed south on I-35, where Austin, Texas, is a straight shot from Minneapolis. A long drive, but relatively easy. Our final destination is into the waiting arms of Carla, otherwise known as Mizfit and the blog of the same name, where fitness isn’t about fitting in. Carla, “unapologetically herself,” is extraordinarily good at creating communities, motivating, supporting, inspiring. She has an enormous following (you probably already know her and love her) and is everywhere! You might already be familiar with her My Trainer Fitness Workouts and if you’ve ever heard the term “Playout” that was all Carla. Carla has such a clever, unique style. Her wit and musings (often including her daughter) make her voice stand out among the many fitness blogs. I’m leaving so much out that’s worth saying, so I hope you’ll read more about who Carla is here. Can you tell we’re thrilled and honored to be there today? We’re talking about making fitness a habit, come join us!


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