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Hot (Sweaty) Mamas Gets Some Air Time!

Thinking of making a New Year’s fitness resolution? Check out Belinda Jensen’s interview with co-author Laurie Kocanda on the last KARE 11 Saturday show of 2011!

Laurie discusses Hot (Sweaty) Mamas with Belinda Jensen on KARE 11.


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Goodbye, Mother Guilt: The secret to staying committed is letting go

If you’re like most moms, it takes more than good intentions to stay committed a fitness routine. Don’t let that occasional cookie get you down. What’s really standing in your way is an overdose of something much more toxic: Mother Guilt.

Overcoming Mother Guilt—maybe just locking her in the closet for an hour at a time—is essential if you want to carve out time to get fit. First you need to free up a little mental space so you are strong enough to make the appropriate compromises.

Lose the Preconceptions and Misconceptions

Start by identifying your preconceptions of motherhood; you’ll probably realize what you thought were parenting no-no’s might actually have a place in your life. For example, maybe it’s not so bad to let your kids watch television if it means you can jump on the treadmill or tune into FitTV for an hour. Junk food might be okay if it gets your kids into the jogging stroller. Perhaps you can miss a soccer practice to go for a quick power walk or run. The point is to challenge what you’ve accepted as parenting truths and get realistic about what life is really like.

Take Inventory

Take some time to write down what’s important to you, what values you want to impart on your children (hopefully health and fitness are near the top of the list). Then, take inventory of one or two typical days and see where you’re actually spending your time. Like it or not, top entries for your day translate into your top priorities. Work to make health and fitness an actual, not just perceived, priority. Then, remember who is watching because, like it or not, we lead by example.

Protect Your Priorities

Once you’ve established what your actual priorities are, it’s easier to fight to protect them. Allocating the right amount of time to each of your priorities leads to a certain type of contentment; the alternatives are resentment and (you guessed it) guilt. Saying “no” to something that isn’t a priority starts to feel good when you use the time freed to attend to something that is. You’ve likely fine-tuned your ability to say “no” walking the aisles of Target with your kids. It’s time to put those skills to good use and clear a little clutter from your life.

Remember it’s a Balancing Act

Learning to say “no” is important because sometimes we have to say it to something that is a priority—including fitness. When life throws you a curve ball, make a decision on how you will react. If fitness doesn’t fit in during a particularly hard week, let it go. In making that decision, you stay in control—there is no resentment, no anger, no feeling like the victim. Keep those priorities in check and realize it’s okay to experience temporary imbalances. Sooner or later, you’ll find equilibrium again and your fitness will return.

If you’ve had a hard time maintaining a regular fitness routine in the past, try focusing some attention on the mental components first. Physical fitness requires mental training; knock Mother Guilt out of the picture and the possibilities are endless.


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Home for the Holidays

We’ve had a great time traveling the blogosphere and loved spending time with so many fun fit blogging mamas! We’re home for the holidays and wish everyone a joyful holiday and grand 2012. Make it a hot (sweaty) one!

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Book Tour Stop at BeeWell for Life

Today we’re stopping in at BeeWell for Life—a community created by the folks at Bumble Bee and home of the new BeeWell Miles program. It’s a site fully dedicated to your body, mind and spirit. You can log your workouts at BeeWell for Life and acquire more tools and resources to make the most of your healthy active lifestyle. Meet and stay connected to other women while participating in the Bee Active, Bee Delicious, Bee the Difference, and Bee Social sub-communities.

BeeWell for Life has lots of exciting contests, promotions and events throughout the year to help you to stay the course for a healthier tomorrow. If you haven’t seen our Training for Motherhood workout before, check it out here! We’re proud to share this great workout (and Kara’s inspiring video!) with the Bee Active community!


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Book Tour Stop at Skirt Sports

Nicole DeBoom is a standout female triathlete. When she was racing as a professional she graced the podium at many major events. The year she had a 12th place finish at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships is the first time I (Kara) remember watching Nicole race. I saw her the next night at an after-race party and the girl crush was on. Not only could she race with fierceness and intensity, but she also embraced her femininity and looked ripped from the style pages of a fashion magazine. She could own a race course or a runway. I loved that about her. So when in 2004 I had the pleasure of watching her race her way to a first place finish at Ironman Wisconsin… in a skirt, the prototype for what would launch Skirt Sports, I knew this combination of athletic intensity and femininity would resonate with active women. Well, it did with me, anyway, and nearly a decade later, it’s safe to say she’s succeeded with her company (why else would every other big sports manufacturers now offer a skirt line, too?)

She’s tough. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s gutsy. What else? She’s a giver. Through Skirt Sports she launched the Skirt Chaser race series, the Kick Start program to help women get started with their fitness journey, and the Kick it Forward program to be a fitness mentor or find a mentor. As we write in Hot (Sweaty) Mamas, having a mentor and being a mentor is an integral part of the fit life. So, naturally, we love when a company like this recognizes that and facilitates it for us, too.

Now Nicole is a first-time mom (technically, she’s still pregnant, but 5 days past her due date, but we’ll cut her some slack since she’s probably a little pissed off about that). She has embraced her pregnancy with the same combination of toughness and femininity that in my eyes is her signature style. I follow Nicole’s blog and love the conversation she’s started about balancing pregnancy with being an athlete. Today, she blogs about her anxiety about sleep deprivation and how Hot (Sweaty) Mamas is already a resource for her post-partum fitness plans. You can enter to win a free copy by leaving a comment with your advice on handling less sleep than you’d prefer (like 2 hours at a stretch, but let’s not scare her).

Want to know what it means to Nicole to be a pregnant athlete? Watch the video below and let Nicole rub off on you as she shares her thoughts on being a pregnant athlete and staying positive about the many profound changes an athlete’s body endures during pregnancy. You’ll want to reach through your computer to rub her belly.


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Book Tour Stop with Jennifer Luitwieler

Last week we had to pull over on our way to visit  Jennifer Luitwieler, author of Run with Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo. But we’re happy to report that we’ve safely  arrived at our destination in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Jennifer lives with her husband, three boys, and her faithful, four-legged running pal. Check out her website, blog and book for lots of great insight from this award-winning author and speaker. She’ll keep you moving in both mind and body.

“Jen’s book… is insightful, interesting, and deeply funny. In fact, her writing reminds me a lot of Anne Lamott, and from me, such a comparison is high praise. There were moments as I was reading this book that I laughed out loud, and then just a paragraph later, I found myself leaning in to really get what she was saying.” From Andi Cumbo

Today Kara shares our insight on the difference between reasons excuses on Jennifer’s blog. Dig in!




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Book Tour Stop at Cami Checketts Books

Today we’re off visiting author Cami Checketts at Cami Checketts Books. You may remember we rolled into Cami’s fitness site, Fitness for Mom, on Dec. 6. Well, as the author of three novels (The Sister Pact, The Fourth of July, and The Broken Path) Cami also maintains another blog dedicated to another passion: the written word. And we’re thrilled to visit her alter ego to see what she has to say about Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom (and see who wins the free copy of our book!).

Laurie caught Cami over the weekend to talk about her life as a mother, writer, and fitness advocate. Here’s a bit of that conversation:

LK: Does it feel like your roles as fitness trainer and writer are connected? Does being a mom add a new dimension to your work in those areas?

CC: Definitely. If you take care of yourself physically you’ll have more energy and drive to succeed in other areas of your life. I’ve also loved writing fitness articles for magazines, utilizing both my passions. Adding the cute boys to the picture makes it extremely busy so I don’t waste much time when I find a second to write, but it’s also made me want to succeed because they are so cute and proud of me and I like to hope someday they’ll follow the example and work hard at their own dreams.

LK: I read an interview in which you said you’d like readers who’ve read your book The Sister Pact to take away a message of self-love from the novel. That you can’t truly love others until you love yourself. How do you think that message carries over into self-care and fitness, particularly for moms?

CC: It’s hard as a mom to make time for yourself but when you feel good physically you’re going to be happier in other areas of your life. Our children deserve happy, loving moms and it’s hard to give them that if you’re feeling sluggish and gross. There’s also a balance, if we get too obsessed with ourselves we’ll be missing out on opportunities to enjoy and love our children.

LK: Along with many other moms, you and I share the experience of post-partum depression. You’ve said your writing helped you overcome depression. Was exercise another tool for you? Was it important for you to have both a physical and mental outlet?

CC: Definitely. Every day exercise helps me start off right. Love the endorphins my morning workout produces, I come home from the gym singing and kissing on everybody. 

LK: As a pro bono fitness trainer, you’re obviously passionate about wellness. What’s the most rewarding part of working with others in this way?

CC: Seeing their lives changes. Plus it’s really fun to have workout buddies.

LK: Any plans to connect your love for writing and fitness in a novel?

CC: I actually have written a novel with a protagonist who is running a marathon. I think it’s hilarious. Hopefully someday an editor will agree with me!

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