Book Tour Stop at Moms Own Words

Hi there (see us waving frantically)! Today we’re in the Boston area with Kristi, a freelance writer and mom of two boys, which is why she says her blog, Moms Own Words, is mostly about us girls. At Moms Own Words you’ll find a nice variety of women and mom-friendly topics: book and product reviews, giveaways, recipes and articles on lifestyle, home and family, education, parenting, places for kids in New England, women’s health and fitness, free online tools and resources, blogging and social media. She dishes on everything, including fitness. We especially liked her post about fun ways to exercise because whenever we hear someone say they don’t “like” to exercise, we have to think they just haven’t found their fitness passion. Come on over and join us today. And while you’re there check out Moms Own Words 2011 holiday gift guide, which includes several great giveaways–there’s an exercise/wellness kit from Fiber One, some great skincare products, a $50 Spa Week gift card and more!


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