Training for Motherhood

One of the things about our book Laurie and I often stress is that Hot (Sweaty) Mamas is not an exercise book. We do offer some suggestions, like squats and Sahrmann exercises for those early postpartum months, and devote two chapters on ways to accomplish workouts around or with your kids, but we didn’t so much as want to tell readers what to do as to help them with realistic strategies to stay fit with everything else going on.

Still we get requests for workouts now and again and don’t mind sharing what works for us.

When time is of the essence I try to squeeze in a short strength routine. If I’ve learned anything about motherhood it’s that it requires some heavy lifting and I can’t afford for my back to give out just because I picked up my child. I asked my Cross Fit coach to put together a short workout that would strengthen my “mom” muscles. Specifically, the “picking up a toddler who has gone limp” muscles, the “hauling a screaming kid out of Target” muscles, and the “don’t you dare think you’re too old for me to drag you out of the mall in front of your friends” muscles.

What I love most about this workout is that it’s kid friendly, which is to say your kids can do this with you, or as I show you in the following video, on you.



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  2. Hi Julie- I’ll add you to the evite that I use for headcount (it will go out next week), but not to worry it’s an open metenig so as long as there’s physically room for everyone we won’t need to turn anyone away!cheers, mary

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