A Week of Secrets Revealed!

This weekend I (Laurie) had the wonderful opportunity to be involved with not one, but TWO, women-only races in the Twin Cities. Over 2,500 women and girls celebrated the 5th anniversary of Women Run the Cities on Sunday by lacing up their sneakers and working up a sweat. Amazingly, over 1,200 of those participates were also moms. That means there were more than 1,200 moms taking time to celebrate their own wellness. Over 1,200 moms who know that, while it’s not always easy, fitness is worth the effort. Likely double that number of kids were shown by example how happy-inducing a good sweat can be (significantly increasing their odds of being fit adults, too!). The Athleta Iron Girl, also on Sunday, had 1,100 finishers with likely a similar proportion of hot (sweaty) mamas participating. Surrounded by the pre-race gitters of Iron Girl packet pick-up as well as post-race WRTC excitement, I had to ask what made it work for these mamas.

In the next few days I’ll be sharing what racers (and their significant others) had to say, so be sure to checking back. And give these ladies kudos for their determination!

First up, is Farrah, an Iron Girl participant with two young kids. Let’s see what keeps her going…



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3 responses to “A Week of Secrets Revealed!

  1. Also have to add that Farrah was a DELIGHT to talk to! She oozes excitement and passion for fitness… Those kids are definitely seeing how fun it is to stay fit and healthy. Think they’ll follow suit? I’m POSITIVE they will!

  2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, Jayne! This is BIG STUFF! It’s where we get to redefine what it means to be a mom, in a much healthier and well-rounded way. It’s where we realize we deserve to be happy and healthy not just for our kids, but for OURSELVES too!

  3. Jayne

    The interviewer has a cute voice 🙂 This was a great weekend for women.

    I saw the one I was there for. I had tears in my eyes. What’s wrong with me? Keep empowering us Laurie.

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