Inspiration in the Perspiration

Kara, Karissa and Laurie (in that order) after a wonderful evening celebrating with Moms on the Run.

As keynote speakers at the Moms on the Run banquet last Friday night, Kara and I hoped to inspire and connect with other moms working to balance motherhood and fitness. We didn’t anticipate they’d do the same for us, but that’s exactly what happened. Amidst a room of almost 200 mama runners, we saw the group’s motto realized: Fitness, Fun and Friendship.

Looking out across the group, seeing heads nod in agreement as we talked about the struggles mom face keeping their fitness and mama duties in check, we realized the true power of fitness. Exercise has an adhesive quality when it comes to relationships: working up a sweat together helps us tear down the walls we construct between ourselves and everyone else. It helps us be more open and accepting of ourselves and of others.

Sitting in front of us were hundreds of women with hundreds of individual stories. We’re all different, yet when we sweat together we find a common bond. We realize we are not alone. That shared sweat opens us up to deeper friendships as well as lighthearted fun. We become each others’ motivation.

Fitness, Fun and Friendship… I’m guessing that Moms on the Run founder, Karissa Johnson, was thinking about this very thing when she started the program.

Thanks for letting us participate in your program, Karissa. And to our Sweaty Sisters, thank you for inspiring us! Keep moving and keep supporting one another. You are an amazing example for your kids and other mamas!




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2 responses to “Inspiration in the Perspiration

  1. It was so fabulous to have you at our event. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping moms get fit, and for your support of Moms On The Run!

  2. I am one of those runners that has been all-or-nothing. I take my watch and if I don’t beat my previous time, or if my pace is slow on a given day I beat myself up. Your pep talk really helped me to understand I’m supposed to be doing this for FUN! THANK YOU for being there for us!

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