Clothes for your girlie girl or tomboy girl–Giveaway!

We have a hunch: Could it be having more “girlie” attire for athletics is helping more women–the girlie girls among us–see themselves as athletes? Can a skirt do all that? The idea of being a princess gets crammed down most little girls psyches by the time they’re three, so if that princess can throw down a wicked curve ball, get aggressive for the rebound, blaze by the boys in a 5k, and still show her girly side, well, let’s embrace that option.

Thank goodness for Skirt Sports Girls Collection. When Skirt Sports gifted our daughters with their very own Skirt Sports attire, we knew it might be difficult to get our girls out of these clothes to give them a wash every now and then. Here’s what our testers had to say:

They twirl. The standard for any skirt worth wearing in Kara’s house is it’s twirlability. They’re long enough for proper coverage, yet not too long to hinder climbing or riding. Because, we are, after all, tough girls. They’re cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Plus, you want to stand out in the crowd. This is helpful for mom who can easily find her little girl on the field; her pink dress underneath her red team t-shirt.

Laurie’s girls, on the other hand, are not interested in pink dresses. In fact, they make it a point to remind her that they do NOT like pink. These are the same girls who generally have no interest in dresses and skirts. Unless they can be completely carefree.

Enter the skort.

Cady and Maggie always seem to end up inverted. Whether they are doing back bends off the edge of the couch or hanging upside down out of a tree, skirts might otherwise be off limits since they always seem to give a glimpse of what’s underneath. A five year old doesn’t care, but the nine year old pictured here (who has just begun changing with the door shut) most assuredly does.

What girl wants to miss out of all the fun at the playground just to be “lady like.” Finally, a sporty skirt these tomboy girls can get rowdy in!
If there’s one path we want for our daughters it’s to be who they are. We’ve come to understand that being an athlete doesn’t exclude being feminine and being feminine doesn’t make you weak.
Would you and your favorite little girl like to own (and when we say own, we mean become part of your personal wardrobe and sweat in them like you invented fitness) the Wonder Girl Dress for mom and Wonder Kid Dress for child pictured here?

Moms of boys, we won’t exclude you if you want this dress for your son (or favorite niece). You would? Well here’s how you enter to win:

First, go to the Hot (Sweaty) Mama page on Facebook and like it, if you haven’t already.

Second, post a photo of you and your wee one, preferably sharing fitness time together so we can all be motivated and inspired by other like-minded mamas.

Third, cross your fingers real tight. We’ll give everyone until August 26 and then announce the winner on our Facebook page.

Good Luck!

Oh, and one more thing! When you order an item from the Skirt Sports Girls Collection they’ll send you a free sling bag!



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2 responses to “Clothes for your girlie girl or tomboy girl–Giveaway!

  1. – thank you!!@Linnea-maria – Isn’t T-shirt material the esaseit to work with! Love it! and THank you for the sweet compliment!@Ruby – The hair is a constant roller coaster! It fades so quickly. Here you have me right after a fresh application! and in great lighting!@Hexotica – you should make one! You are so skilled. And i know you’ll look HOT in yours!!! GO for it!

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