Fit Stella Joins our Fit Family

You’ve heard of Flat Stanley, right? Well, there’s a new kids in town. Their names are Fit Stanley and Fit Stella. They travel too, but in the interest of healthy living. So you can imagine how thrilled we were at my house when Fit Stella arrived last week. She made herself right at home and had no trouble keeping up with our fit family.

We like to start our day with a little yoga.
We play outside at every opportunity and Fit Stella knows all about playouts.
Climbing is another way we get active around here. Fit Stella reached new heights.
The quality of our day is measured in the need for a bath.
Exercising our mind is important to us, too. We read every day.
I was excited to see Fit Stella reading Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.
She knows a good book when she sees one.
We ended the week with a family bike ride.
But we know how to kick back around here, too.
And eat well. I’m always looking for a healthy dish the kids will eat up complaint free. This is a hit with everyone, including Fit Stella: Creamy Basil Pesto Coleslaw.
Now it’s time for Fit Stella to get fit with another family. You can follow her adventures over at Enjoy your travels Fit Stella. We’ll miss you!

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