Family Friendly Runs

Half way through the run, my kids were off running themselves. While mama's kickin' ass, the kids are enjoying the sunshine and company of other free-range kids.

After 50K, my girls were dancing on the finish line.

Trail runs offer a special kind of freedom to runners, and the kids who come out to cheer them on. My dance with dirt at the Afton 50K  Trail Run on Saturday was intense. With over 8,700 feet of ascending and descending, it wasn’t easy. But knowing my kids were out exploring and having fun meant I wasn’t worrying about them being bored or getting into trouble. And best of all, my kids didn’t just get to cross the finish line with me, they were dancing on it when I got there. My oldest even put the medal around my neck. After 6+ hours of running, it was the best finish line I could imagine!

What’s your favorite event for the family? What makes it so special for you or the other members of your clan?



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  1. Holla. Laurie K in the house. Look at those girlies. So darling. Love you Hot Sweaty Mama- JH

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