Giveaway: Be happy in the (this) saddle

Friend or foe?

There is a special freedom found only on a bike. It’s one of those rare thrills we feel at every age and ability. Whether it’s your first wobbly ride off training wheels or your umpteenth century (100 mile) ride of the season, cycling makes us feel independent, strong and happy.

Except when it doesn’t.

For some of us, particularly women, climbing onto the saddle causes more than just a little discomfort “down there.” And until you find a saddle that fits just right (and take off your panties!), biking will never make you feel like a kid again. Instead, it will make you feel like you’ve just had one—right there on the bike.

I have vivid memories of a long ride with my husband back when were first married that resulted in him winning the Heisman Award for a good week. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I pushed through the pain, fleshy one minute and boney the next. Didn’t matter how I sat, I was uncomfortable. Not strong. Not happy.

I went through a few saddles before I fell in love (or should I say, my crotch fell in love) with the Terry Butterfly Ti saddle. It’s lightweight and designed just for “her” by folks who specialize in ladies cycling. The guys like it too since it eliminates the Heisman phenomena–at least as it relates to the bike, anyway. (Come on, riding really shouldn’t be a pre-coital excuse!).

Having saddle issues? Got that “not so fresh feeling”? Just want to try something new? I wanna hear from Hot (Sweaty) Mamas like you about why you like to ride, or about your favorite two-wheeled adventure. I’ll draw one winner from the entrants here and at and post the winner on Friday. Good luck!




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29 responses to “Giveaway: Be happy in the (this) saddle

  1. Congratulations to Vicky, the first to post and also the randomly drawn winner! Vicky, e-mail send your e-mail address to and I’ll send off the saddle asap!

    I hope you all find comfort on and off the bike!

  2. I’m definitely a hot sweaty mama and my biggest complaint on my long rides is the damage it does to the “lady bits”. I’d LOVE this seat! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  3. Not only am I a Hot, sweaty mama, but a HSGrandma, too! Always loved to cycle, but have gotten serious in the last 4 years. Hubby of 37 years and I love cycling touring vacations. Just bought a new Jamis road bike, but hate the saddle. Would love a new Terry saddle to train with as I get ready for our next trip. Also trying to get nerve to sigh up for a Tri. Need encouragement!!! Love your site!

  4. Vy

    After not biking since I was a child, I started again last year when I started training for a triathlon. I’m a runner and thought that would be my strength, but it turns out that I’m stronger in biking. I also re-discovered the joy of biking…flying down the road, breeze blowing…. I feel like a kid again!

  5. Jo- An uncomfortable saddle will definitely put an end to any extra anniversary “celebrations”! Riding with my hubby is always romantic, it’s nice when the day can end that way too!

    Tracey- I haven’t seen one of those covers in a while! I say go with whatever keeps you comfy, but I bet you can find a nice girl-friendly saddle that will keep the chuckles at bay!!

    Mechelle- Perfect analogy!

    Erin- That ride sounds wonderful. And alone? Even more magnificent!

    Caryn- Your post had me laughing,.. Would love to see your Giant Butte! 😉

    Dee Dee- I love that biking provides quality time for you and your husband! (And, yes, racing triathlon on a road bike is exponentially harder!)

    Sue- 50 on 50 sounds like a perfect celebration! You are an inspiration to other women and other mamas!

    Shannon- If you’re looking for more endurance, the Butterfly will not disappoint! I’m living proof you can ride more… and in comfort! 😉

    Megan- KUDOS to you for being the first one to use the word “vagina”. (Why, at 40, does that word still make me chuckle?)

    Myrna- Funny how our bodies can turn on us like that, isn’t it? I bet OB/Gyn’s have some pretty funny stories related to women athletes… But that’s an entirely different post, isn’t it?

    Heather- Talk about jumping back into it! Way to go! You should be thrilled to know your body is that powerful. Hitting 60 miles after riding no more than 10 is a wonderful accomplishment!

    Having lots of fun reading these stories… Thanks for posting, ladies!

  6. Best (only) ride lately…3Rings of Chatham (NC) 60-mile charity ride for Habitat for Humanity. Hadn’t ridden more than 10 miles at a time in nearly 25 years and had only done that a couple of times in the last year. But I’ve been working out/running and feel more fit than ever, so I gave it a try, knowing it was a VERY well supported ride with several rest stops and sag wagons. I took it slow and steady (with several friends), but I did it and felt GREAT. So glad to “back in the saddle.” It was just like…well…riding a bike!

  7. I like to ride because I feel strong and love exercising outside – I’m always going somewhere when I’m on my bike. That said, I’m on my third saddle on my Specialized hybrid. It’s ok. We manage. I bought a road bike last year and put 100 miles on the stock saddle with no problem. Then I don’t know what happened – I started riding differently? I started actually riding on the roads? I don’t know but I ended up in massive pain and eventually in my OB/Gyn’s office trying to figure out why I had bruising. I had to take a month off to heal. So I tried another saddle. And another. And another. And another. I’m pretty happy with the saddle I have on my bike now but have always wanted to try a Terry.

  8. Training for a century this summer… I want to go on long rides and feel like I’m flying… instead of getting punched in the vagina!

  9. I would love to win this saddle! My husband loves to ride and I’d love to be able to ride more with him – on a comfortable seat 🙂

  10. Sue

    post should have said long bike RIDES.

  11. Sue

    I like to take long bikes with my husband. A good woman specific saddle would be a huge plus! Two most memorable rides for me are when we biked around Lake Winnebago in WI and most recently when we celebrated my 50th by biking 50 miles. Well, we actually did 66, but 50 on 50 sounds more fun!

  12. Vicky, so glad you “unlearned” that lesson! We are never too old… usually, we just have lots to learn!

    Clare- Yes! Long rides are when a good saddle is especially important! Don’t fret about the forced running break… You will come back healthier AND stronger!

    Amy- I laugh at how my kids can ride for a long time in things like jeans, even! I wonder if we forget the pain, kinda like childbirth, or if it just gets more painful as we age!

    Melissa- Good luck on the half! Anything over 50 miles is a considerable distance and a good saddle will be a big plus for you!

    Heather- My guess is that guys have a whole other set of issues to deal with! LOL!

    Kim- Yes, there is some sense of exhilaration of pushing hard on a bike but there is NOTHING exhilarating about crotch pain!

    Amy- Cycling is great cross training! It’s why I started riding and now I love it as it’s own form of fitness!

    Megan- It’s hard to just suck up the pain, isn’t it? And, NO, it should be like that! You need a comfy saddle!

    More later to the other ladies!


  13. Dee Dee

    I don’t love to bike. I did my first sprint tri last month and the bike training was the worst part. The Mountain Bike might have been the issue. (Just Maybe) The only reason I decided to stick with it is because I do love to ride with my husband. So I’ve asked for a road bike for Christmas with hopes of doing another sprint & an olympic next season. A girlie seat could only help!

  14. CarynW

    I have a 20 year old mountain bike that I bought from a friend’s mom, who wasn’t using it. It was brand-new, and I still love it to this day. The best part is that it’s a Giant, the model is Butte… naturally, I refer to it as my Giant Butt.
    Amusingly enough, it HAS a giant butt, in the form of a big squishy cruiser bike-type seat, because the old one didn’t feel so great. How can the part of me with the most cushioning not… cushion better? Anyhoo, a good seat that looks serious AND feels good would be welcome! Momma likes to ride, but she likes to be able to sit down the day after, too!

  15. I love to ride! My favorite ride was when I loaded my bike in the back of my truck and drove, by myself to Itasca State Park and rode around Lake Itasca…in the peak of the Fall colors. One of my best bike rides EVER!

  16. Mechelle Kuchar

    I ride to cross train as running is my first love but I know I could learn to love cycling if I have some better biking equipment. I believe having the right saddle is like wearing the right running shoes!

  17. Tracey

    I ride the MS150 ride every year with this huge padded seat cover on my seat. I get made fun of every time! I would love a new seat that is comfortable and doesn’t leave me sore after my rides.

  18. Jo

    Best bike ride? My husband and I spent our anniversary a few years ago in southern MN and biked along the Root River. Hours of biking, having lunch and poking around the towns along the way. Stayed at a great inn in Lanesboro, but after hours in the saddle…. Ouch! That put a kibosh on the rest of the celebrating. Could have used a better saddle, for sure.

  19. Chelsea

    This looks like a “ride off in the sunset saddle”…..Let’s ride 🙂

  20. I bought a new bike last summer. Love the bike, the seat, not so much. It makes me cringe every time my daughters want to go for a bike ride. It shouldn’t be like that! Ack!

    I’d love a new seat – and hopefully it comes with directions on how to adjust it properly. 🙂

  21. Amy

    I ride mostly just to cross train, but I do enjoy it! I makes me feel like a kid again! My husband can’t say enough nice things about his Terry saddle… I’m sure the women’s version is just as nice!

  22. kim

    i haven’t been on my bike in awhile but 2 upcoming races will get me back on the saddle. i love the speed and power but not the crotch pain!

  23. Anonymous

    i haven’t been on my bike in awhile but i have 2 races this summer that will get me back on the saddle. i love the speed but not the crotch pain!

  24. Heather

    Oops it was supposed to say duathlon!

  25. Heather

    I would love nothing more than to have a new saddle. I wasn’t able to use the bathroom for 2 hours after my diary on because my other saddle put so much pressure “down there”! Misery! Is this how guys feel too?!?!?!

  26. Melissa

    I like multi sport events and riding has made me a better runner! My goal is to finish a 1/2 Ironman, so I need a comfy saddle!

  27. Amy

    I am planning on my first sprint triathlon next month, so I’ve been riding my bike this summer for the first time since having children. It is not as pleasant as I remember. It is so nice getting out and seeing things and getting a workout in, but I definitely need a different seat! It is really ruining the experience for me. I don’t have any big, exciting bike related stories, I’m just really enjoying the quiet time it gives me right now, even if it does hurt.

  28. i ride more now that i’m on a forced running break. i did a lot of long rides last fall (70+ miles) on a charity trip in california for the arthritis foundation ( and got my first saddle sores…not fun. i would love a new seat to make the long rides fun!

  29. Vicky

    I remember when I was a grown up cyclist virgin. I rode all the time as a child but when you are an adult, it is so different. Cheap bike with a cheap seat and panties on. I thought I could ride like I did when I was younger so went way too far and long and pulling my infant in a trailer. I learned a big lesson that was….you are too old to bike. Then I talked to friends who gave me advice and it isn’t so bad anymore. But I would love a new seat!

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