Strength from Running

Running and strength have a chicken-or-the-egg kind of relationship for me. On good days, it’s my strength—both mental and physical—that gets me out the door; helps push me hard to realize my potential.

On the not-so-good days, when running becomes Running (note the capital “R”), I glean support from movement. Whether it’s an actual run or the memories of what I have accomplished, the miles have taught me that I can get through the hardships in life.

As I prepare to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Mali, it’s not without much heartache and tears. But running helps me remember that I am strong, that I will get through this sadness. That I will be strong enough to help my daughters through their sadness. Running will give me the strength to be with my sweet dog as she takes her last breath, to say goodbye. So long, Miss Mali. You were my first four-legged running partner and you will be missed. –Laurie


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  1. Jayne

    Ahh this is so sweet Laurie. You know Miss Mali is running now and she’s getting into some mischief too. Remember how she loved you so…she was a great companion. Hugs to you!

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