A little somethin’ for the Twin Hot (Sweaty) Mamas

Looking back on my experience mothering newborn twins I remember those days when both were cranky and wanting to be held. But there was just me. So I would bounce one in my arms standing on one foot while using the other foot to bounce the other baby in her bouncy seat. I didn’t know it then but that weighted, balancing maneuver was pretty good exercise.

A recent article by the Minneapolis Parenting Multiples Examiner, put the spotlight on Hot (Sweaty) Mamas. I got to share some of the background (horror story?) of the effects my twin pregnancy had on my body and my return to fitness, and how some of that influences the book.

Author of the article and twin mama, Sarah Willson, starts it out this way:

My skepticism toward books on fitness had increased after giving birth to twins. It not only stemmed from insecurity festered by the fact that I rarely worked out prior to pregnancy, but because most of these ‘get back into shape after baby’ reads were not geared toward mothers of multiples, who are required to gain more weight than a singleton pregnancy, and experience intense bodily trauma and stress from birthing multiples. Not to mention, how would I find the time to work out while juggling two or more babies? Although it wasn’t Kara Thom’s, and co-author, Laurie Kocanda’s, intention to cater to these specific issues that affect moms like me, they are clearly addressed in their new book,Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.

You can continue reading the whole article at: http://www.examiner.com/parenting-multiples-in-minneapolis/hot-sweaty-mamas-relatable-to-moms-of-multiples

Whether you’re a mother of twins or a singleton there are all kinds of ways for new moms to sneak in exercise. In fact Katy Bowman recently posted a great photo of her “no excuses” workout with her sleeping newborn on her Aligned and Well facebook page. Worth checking out if only to coo and her sweet little baby.



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