Tips for Running with a Stroller

With warmer weather I’ve been running with my son in the stroller more often. This is exciting for me for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t run much with my daughters when they were babes. I had a double jogger and 3 toddlers. I had a supply and demand problem.
  2. Unlike when my daughters were toddlers, my son really enjoys the ride; he does not protest, beg to get out or cry halfway through the run.

So these days running while my daughters are at school is both feasible and (this is so important) enjoyable. There’s more to know about running with children than simply strapping them in and taking off. I interviewed my friend and fitness expert Darcy Franklin after taking one of her running clinics, so I could learn from her, and share with you, tips for running with a stroller.

Enjoy the video below and share with us what you like about taking your kids along for a run and other stroller running tips you have. –Kara



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2 responses to “Tips for Running with a Stroller

  1. Thanks for that resource Jessica. And good for you for starting them out young. I think that’s one of the ways to make stroller running successful: indoctrinate them early!

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for this. I’ve been running with my toddler twins in a jogging stroller since they were just a few months old. Other moms always give me props for doing it because they say they couldn’t get their kids to do it, but I think anyone can do it! You just have to keep trying and experimenting with what works and keeps you kid(s) entertained. I have found this blog (especially the early entries) really helpful for ideas:

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