Did you know you’re a fitness mentor?

The Life Time Weight Loss website is running a series of guest posts about a few of the principles found in Hot (Sweaty) Mamas. The first post is called: For Parents, Exercise isn’t “Me Time.” It’s Mentor Me Time! Included are five ideas for getting fit with your kids. We’d love to hear your best mom-and-child workout. Please share!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Hot (Sweaty) Mamas! If you happen to be in the Twin Cities and will be out shopping on Saturday (for your mom or yourself!) stop by the Barnes & Noble at the Galleria Mall in Edina from 2 pm to 3 pm, where Laurie and Kara will be speaking and signing copies of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas!



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4 responses to “Did you know you’re a fitness mentor?

  1. I have been really execitd about this book! As a working mom- I do your circuits 3 times a week at night after the kiddos are asleep, a stead cardio twice a week and I am happily on the Clean Eating band wagon- I have learned A TON from my Savage sisters who inspire me everyday to be the best wife and mom I can be- and finally I am training for my second half marathon in Feb!!!Sarahlee sltucket@gmail.com

  2. Karen Thompson – Hi Sue,Hope all is well with you.I just thought I would let you know that Murray the bdullog who was in your original portfolio passed on yesterday. He had problems with cancer and for a while was doing very well after having a leg removed. Unfortunately the cancer came back and to avoid any suffering they took him in yesterday. Tara treasures the photos you took of Murray when he was a pup which will always remind her of what a happy joyful dog he was.All the bestKaren Thompson

  3. S

    My husband I and load our 3 kids 3, 5, and 7 in the van with the bikes and running stoller. The older two ride their bikes while we run around the lake!

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