The Early Runner Gets the Worm

Smiles at the finish line!

Jayne Haske and her son Joe, winners of the Hot (Sweaty) Mama Get in Gear race entry giveaway, didn’t let a little rain stop them from participating in Minnesota’s “Annual Rite of Spring” on Saturday, April 30. It was Joe’s first time participating in a race, something he’s been watching his parents do for years.

“Getting him out of bed wasn’t easy, but seeing Joe cross the finish line was great,” says Jayne. “I love that he got to participate and feel that sense of accomplishment for himself. With so many other families out there, he gets to see that being fit is a normal part of family life. That’s priceless.”

The only difficulty the mom-son duo encountered was a road filled with worms in peril; April showers had them surfacing in mass. While he admits it was fun showing off his medal, Joe was a literal lifesaver on the run, moving as many worms off of the road as he could. “It felt good to help so many worms,” he said.

Joe said he’d like to run the race again. “Next time my little sister will come, too,” but it’s unclear whether or not she’ll be recruited for worm duty. Mom says she plans to be back in 2012.



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3 responses to “The Early Runner Gets the Worm

  1. OMG that was cute. I hope Jayne didn’t have to take too many worms home!

  2. Way to go, Joe- those crazy worms need all the help they can get! .

  3. Jayne

    I love it! Thanks girls for picking me as the winner. We had a blast and saved a few worms along the way!

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