Mama Sisyphus

You might know the story in Greek and Roman mythology about Sisyphus, the man who is punished by a king to roll a giant boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat the process for all of eternity. While making the beds this morning, I realized how much of my day is filled with those push-the-rock-up-the-hill-and-watch-it-roll-back-down-the-hill moments.

Laundry gets soiled, dishes get dirty, beds get unmade, meals get eaten.

Even fitness can feel daunting if you’re not careful to take note of the overall changes that happen along the way. The changes can be physical transformations like tightening and toning, maybe even regaining bladder control after birth. But they can also be mental, like gaining the self-confidence or discipline to make big life changes.

But here’s the real evidence that we don’t belong in mythology:

Yep, our kids grow up.

Every little thing we do, even if it seems repetitive, makes a big mark on some very important lives. Suddenly rolling those boulders up the hill isn’t such a bad thing…
Posted by Laurie at 2:30 PM


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