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Are you a Hot (Sweaty) Mama?

We’re thrilled to launch the Hot (Sweaty) Mamas website. Odds are, if you’ve landed here, you’re just like us– juggling the busy job of mothering while at the same time caring and tending to your own personal health and fitness needs. We know that most moms need more than just advice on “getting your pre-baby body back,” they need tangible, practical advice on how to fold fitness into their busy mom schedule.

In our book, Hot (Sweaty) Mamas (Andrews McMeel 2011), we addresses the challenges moms of all ages face and offer practical solutions to persevere. While reading our book, you discover that being fit and being a mom are not mutually exclusive; every mom can benefit from learning new strategies to manage the ongoing balancing act and to successfully earn the moniker Hot (Sweaty) Mama.

With that we have culled five secrets for success that we share with you in our book. But what we write about shouldn’t stay secret. Read the book, then share your knowledge with your friends, your sisters, even your mother. It’s never too late to be a Hot (Sweaty) Mama.

Laurie & Kara


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